My Political Frame

I guess I’m a political radical. There’s no avoiding it, so I may as well come right out and say it: I believe that there is something fundamentally natural about political life; that there is a condition internal to our human nature whose potential is developed only through the purposeful organization (and the ongoing reorientation) of political communities. In other words, I think that the realm of politics is not simply the outcome of a given social contract—rather, I am arguing that the will of any given majority must be limited by transcendent principles such as justice, liberty, and equality if we are to live well as self-ruling people. Further, I think that it’s possible for flawed and incompletely developed reason to recognize the demands of right-reason and thereby draw our seeming interests toward their true fulfillment.

There you have it; banish me if you must from your rolodex forever henceforth, but I side with the constructive cultural project of the West and resolutely declare with the likes of Lincoln that a free people must pursue the ends of civil and religious liberty so as not to be destroyed on the shoals of unlimited self-interest.

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